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Blue Oaks is an indie rock project formed by Brendan Stone in 2007. 


Brendan has been described as one of “Certain singer-songwriters who soak up so many influences that they transcend genres.” Through infusing blues, psychedelic, alternative and indie rock genres with lyrical folk ties, Blue Oaks is an ever changing amalgam of sound and vibe.

Working with producer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Joyce Manor) Blue Oaks self released their debut vinyl "Hit By A Train From New York City Blues” on December 7th, 2013. 

Between Austin, TX and Sacramento, CA studio sessions for a debut full length album began in 2015. From home reel to reel demos to professional studio recording throughout 2015, songs took final form as Stone moved back to Sacramento in early 2016. Gaining a full band lineup to span tracks of the new LP, featuring Cody Walker on drums and Seneca Barr on keys “To Be Kind is Sin” was finished at Gold Standard Sounds in Sacramento with Ira Skinner and Matt McDermott at the helm.

The full length release of “To Be Kind is Sin” was in October 2017. Expertly mastered by Emily Lazar, Chris Allgood at The Lodge NYC (Brand New, The Shins, Foo Fighters, Morrissey). 

Currently featuring a live line up with Stephen Hendry on Lead Guitar, Tom Weeks on Bass, Roman Anderson on Drums and Tessa Cooper on Backing Vocals and Percussion Blue Oaks is releasing the vinyl edition of their debut LP and hitting the road this year in support! Catch them at a venue near you in 2019!